Wow! It is challenging to narrow it down to a “favorite.” I certainly found all the notes to be very valuable and I think that was a reflection of the quality of the other workshop participants and guests Adam brought into the workshops. I was impressed at how much everyone paid attention and gave thoughtful, genuine notes. It was all very motivating and encouraging. I was sad to see the workshop come to an end.

Bryan Schilling Student

I’m always looking to improve myself as a writer and I’ve never been in a room like that before. One of my biggest flaws is being able to explain my projects in a concise and exciting manner. I also have a hard time selling myself. So this experience was great for all of that.

Eric Thompson Student

I thought that the program was AWESOME! I have recommended it to so many friends and will continue to. Overall I think this was a great idea, well executed and I hope it continues to be successful – I expect to be back.

Tate Hanyok Student

We really enjoyed sharing with and getting feedback from guests/working writers as well as the other up and coming writers in the room whose projects were also among the top 10 selected to participate; the notes and the teaser reading definitely helped us craft our pilot to a much better, more marketable version.

Joshua and Beth Horne Students

The workshop provided my writing partner and me exactly what we needed at this point in our careers and helped us create a strong beat sheet with clear next-steps. I loved getting ‘the feel’ of being inside a writers room, but having new industry professionals every week was the absolute highlight.

Joe Martinez Student

What a great experience the last eight weeks have been. It really helped me focus and workshop the idea in a way I’ve never gotten to before.

Ari Abraham Student

I found that pitching 8 weeks in a row was an excellent way to get to the heart of my idea, what I was trying to say, and what was working/not working with my idea. I will use this pitching technique with all of my ideas going forward!

Drew Dorenfest Student

The cost seemed appropriate for the in person instruction. Other classes that only happen online are at a higher cost and are led by people who are not “relevant” in the industry.

Katie Larsen Student

The host feedback was very valuable, especially since there was a mix of writers and executives. The way the writing process was broken down was very helpful, and all the feedback from the hosts was awesome.

Peter Denz Student

This workshop was absolutely fantastic! Both Adam and the hosting writer were super kind with their critiques of our pitches and gave valuable feedback.

Betsy Johnson Student

The notes of the visiting hosts were always super on par. It was really a remarkable experience, one that truly mimics what it’s like to be Inside the Room, taking a project that was only a small seed and fleshing it out to an entire world along the guidance of fellow writers and experienced staff writers. And to have bonus opportunities along the way to pitch with an executive in the room is something that adds incredible value and sets it apart from any other workshop. I highly recommend!

Katherine Waskul Student

I really liked that you brought in actual TV Writers/Executives to hear our pitches. Well-structured nurturing atmosphere but still challenged us. Great work guys, I’ve been telling all my writer friends and will continue to nudge them to take your workshop.

Don Ackerman Student