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Noel Davis Poyner

NOEL DAVIS POYNER made the pilgrimage from Jersey to LA 8 years ago, brilliantly-timed at the pinnacle of the recession. With a thousand dollars, zero contacts, and his feature spec, Clockwise, he quickly attracted the attention of production companies like Bad Robot and Appian Way, and began his career as a wannabe filmmaker. His 2012 short film, Love and Death in Los Angeles, won special recognition at the SoCal International Shorts Festival, which caught the eye of indie producers and led to signing his first picture deal with Constellation Entertainment in 2013. He's since co-written and produced the Emmy-winning A TRIBUTE TO MEL BROOKS for FX Networks, for whom he regularly writes, produces, and directs interstitial content. Currently, he is juggling a barrage of screenwriting projects, including his latest gun-for-hire cred set up at RatPac Entertainment, and his feature directorial debut for the indie power-hitter Buffalo 8 Productions. Other than sitting behind a computer screen for 20 hours a day, he enjoys composing music, crushing brie wedges to the face with entire sleeves of Carrs, and binge-watching Shark Tank with his wife and hero, Maria.