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WILLIE BLOCK & JAKE EMANUEL met at Emerson College where they began to collaborate on short films together. After graduation, they moved to Los Angeles and were hired to adapt THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME for Paramount Pictures.  In 2014 Block and Emanuel were hired as staff writers on the FX series CHOZEN. In 2015 they sold a pilot to FX called THE BRONZE AGE – an animated comedy about Ancient Greece. Recently, Block and Emanuel optioned a screenplay to Rough House Pictures called FUCK YOU, I WIN, an action comedy that follows a team of mercenaries on a deadly mission in war-torn Iraq.

PRICE: $499 (Covers cost of 4 consecutive sessions)


This intensive workshop is designed to guide you through the process of writing, pitching, and ultimately selling your original movie idea to a studio or production company. How do professional screenwriters develop and sell their feature ideas to movie producers? In this 4-week-program we will recreate the step-by-step process every professional screenwriter has to go through when pitching their movie to a studio. Starting with a one-line movie concept (known as a log-line) we will help you transform this kernel into a fully structured outline and pitch. This class is meant to be rigorous and challenging, but at the end of the 4-week-program you will be given invaluable tools to help sell your movie on a professional level.   


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