Each participant will develop and strengthen the tools necessary to complete a strong Television pilot or Feature Film script in THE FUNDAMENTALS OF SCREENWRITING. Each session of this on-going, with rolling admission, 12 session course will focus on one aspect of the writing process including: THE IDEA, THE BEATS, THE MAIN CHARACTERS, THE SUPPORTING CHARACTERS, THE TONE, THE WORLD, THE OPENING SCENE, THE FINAL STORY PITCH.

Through group discussion, participants will strengthen their familiarity with the elements of the screenwriting process with well-developed characters, plot, setting and will also develop a comfortable understanding of the daily pressures of pitching and working as a professional screenwriter.

It is highly encouraged for all participants to attend all 12 sessions of this rolling program. In order to attend all sessions, members must reserve a seat in each individual session. One reservation does not guarantee a space in all remaining sessions.