Class Objectives and Goals

In INSIDE THE ROOM, each member will develop and strengthen the tools necessary to complete a strong Television pilot and/or Feature Film screenplay writing sample. Each member is encouraged to follow our 7-step development process when working through a new idea. Classes are structured to allow for all members to work at their own pace and skill level .  (ie. Members can attend any session prepared to pitch “THE IDEA” even if the scheduled class calls for “THE MAIN CHARACTERS”, “THE OPENING SCENE” etc.)

Members will adjust their writing samples and pitches based on immediate feedback they receive in each session. Through group discussion, members will strengthen their familiarity with the elements of the Television and Feature Film screenplay with well-developed characters, plot, setting and will also develop a comfortable understanding of the daily pressures of pitching as a professional writer.

Class Assignments and Schedule

Each step of our developmental process requires members to prepare pitch assignments for classes in relation to where they are in the process. Some classes will require assignments to be uploaded through the member dashboard before the start of each session. INSIDE THE ROOM classes  are offered online and structured as simulated writers rooms that cater to all types of writers. All screen and scriptwriting sessions will last up to 60 minutes at the below dates and times. Please keep in mind that all below times are PACIFIC STANDARD TIME.


Saturday, March 23 2019
THE FINAL STORY (4 spots left)
Online (9:00AM-10:00AM)
THE FINAL STORY (4 spots left)
Online (10:30AM-11:30AM)
THE FINAL STORY (4 spots left)
Online (12:00PM-1:00PM)
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