INSIDE THE ROOM was established to bridge the gap between aspiring screenwriters and the Film and TV Industry. With the success of our LA based writing groups, INSIDE THE ROOM has now evolved to include online classes and writing groups to cater to writers across the globe. Classes are structured to allow for all members to work at their own pace and skill level .  Discover more about our story and how we got here below.

About Us

INSIDE THE ROOM is founded by Adam Rejwan, a former associate of Damon Lindelof, Josh Appelbaum, and André Nemec. Adam broke into the business by working on TOMORROWLAND, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS and THE LEFTOVERS. In 2016, Adam launched the management company REJ ENTERTAINMENT which represents Composers, Directors and Screenwriters.

Our Story

While building REJ ENTERTAINMENT and meeting with industry executives, Adam consistently heard one issue that executives had with new writers they met with: They could not pitch! Whether it was their own material, an open writing assignment, or building off of another writer’s idea within a TV writers room, new writers kept falling short on the pitch. Adam decided to give writers a forum to work on and strengthen their pitching abilities alongside professional screenwriters in weekly structured writers groups and one on one consulting sessions.

Inside The Room

A strong pitching ability is what separates the in-demand and successful writers from the rest of the pack. INSIDE THE ROOM offers professional script and screenwriting writing groups and private consulting sessions that help writers stand out from the crowd and pitch their way to a successful career.

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