$25 per writer per month

(minimums apply)

What makes us different?

Summary: The 4-week program will focus on developing your strengths in pitching feature films under tight constraints. Each week, you will bring in a new pitch for a new feature film project. The goal of this program is to help strengthen the tools needed to enter any studio meeting confident in your abilities to pitch that next great feature film, whether it be an indie film, an awards contender or a new franchise. Each session will be hosted by a working Feature Film writer. Our hosts have sold projects to Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Anonymous Content, Universal, WB and more.

How do the workshops operate?


Participants meet once a week to engage in a simulated writers room, led by working writers.

Welcome to Inside the Room: A Writing Program



Unlike other writing programs, Inside the Room provides each participant with an opportunity to work closely with working writers, executives, agents and managers.   

Looking for a space to use for your writers group? Or, looking to join one to meet like-minded people and kick around ideas? INSIDE THE ROOM is proud to offer our space for your weekly writing needs. The space is available Monday-Thursday from 6pm-9pm. Send us an email with the DAY and TIME you would like to use the space and the DATES needed. A 12-person conference table, whiteboard and coffee will be provided.

REJ Entertainment proudly presents weekly writing workshops through INSIDE THE ROOM led by a diverse and vibrant group of professional writers.

Sign up today to meet and work with professionals that are currently writing on shows including PITCH, JUST ADD MAGIC, THE RANCH, REIGN and have sold feature film scripts to all major studios.

Summary: This 8-week program focuses on every aspect of writing a TV pilot. Each participant develops and strengthens the tools necessary to complete a strong Television pilot writing sample. Each week of our 8-week program focuses on one aspect of this process including; Pitching your series idea, Pitching your pilot episode, Characters-Part 1: Main Characters, Characters-Part 2: Supporting Characters, Tone, World Building, Teasers, Scenes and a Final Story Pitch of each Pilot Episode. Participants adjust each of the above mentioned layers of their writing samples based on the feedback of both the other participants within the group session as well as the guest hosts in each session. Our hosts are currently working on such shows as PITCH, REIGN, JUST ADD MAGIC, THE MIST and more.



“This workshop was absolutely fantastic!  Both Adam and the hosting writer were super kind with their critiques of our pitches and gave valuable feedback. Thanks, Adam, for creating a supportive and encouraging environment.  I have already told several other writers and industry friends.” 

- Betsy Johnson (Workshop Participant)


What are our workshop goals?

At the end of the program, each participant will be evaluated and considered for representation at REJ Entertainment. All monies spent on the program will be refunded to each participant should they be selected for representation. Weekly Writers Group program does not apply.



NOTE: No sessions held Easter Weekend



(4 Weeks)


The goal of Inside the Room is to strengthen each participant’s pitch, characters, dialogue, beat sheet and outline by working collaboratively with peers, professional writers and managers. 

March 11th - May 7th, 2017


  Group A 930am-12pm (6 spots remaining)

Group B 1pm-330pm (4 spots remaining)


 Group C 930am-12pm (7 spots remaining)

Group D 1pm-330pm (SOLD OUT)

LOCATION: 1330 Vine St. Ste 140 Los Angeles, CA 90028